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Holmes Elementary - Student Drop off and Pick up Procedure

From: Holmes Happenings

Holmes students are to be dropped off and picked up at the FRONT of the school (River Street) only. Busses and Intermediate School drop off and pick up is at the rear of the building (South and Hammond Streets).

Parents are encouraged to use the “Kiss and Go” lane for drop offs. Please pull ALL THE WAY up to the east end of the drive and instruct your children to proceed to the playground where they will enter the building with their class when the bell rings. Students should not arrive before 8:35 a.m.

At the end of the school day, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR UNATTENDED in the drop off lane. A staff person is assigned to supervise the dismissal of students at the front of the building.

SLPS - School Closings

From: http://www.springlakeschools.org

School closings, in the event of bad weather, are determined as early as possible. Radio and television stations are notified by 6:15 A.M. Principals will make every effort to notify parents via the building listserve (e-mail). In additi on, school closings are announced over television stations— WZZM-13, WWMT-3, WXMI-17, and WOOD-8; TRIBtalk; and radio stations— WGHN, WGRD, WKLQ, WLAV, WLHT, WMUS, WODJ, WOOD, WSNX, and WHTC.

Please do not call the school.
Parents should also instruct their children regarding what procedure to follow if they are dismissed early and arrive home before the regular dismissal time.