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Centertown Block Party is Sept. 28th

News Release:

Grand Haven, Mich., September, 19, 2011: On Wednesday, Sept. 28th, the public is invited to pig out on pig roast and chill with bowls of chili at the ArtWalk Centertown Block Party. This free event will take place outside The Frame and Mat Shop, 728 Washington Ave. It will run from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and will feature live music, free food and onsite artist demonstrations.

“We expect several hundred people to attend the party,” said Dan Borchers, owner of The Frame and Mat Shop, a centertown business and ArtWalk 2011 venue.

Keeping it cool in Spring Lake

Keeping it cool in Spring Lake

No doubt this has been one hot week and more hot weather is in the forecast. If you're in Spring Lake chances are a cool place is waiting for you. The Spring lake beach is a popular destination for area residents- especially now. If you want to take a refreshing dip at this local favorite go north on Lake Avenue off Savage (M-104). And if swimming isn't your cup of tea head to the Spring Lake Library. You'll find plenty of things to do in a cool atmosphere. And if you would rather just sit and chill, you'll find a cooling center at Barber School Community Center located on Exchange and Buchanan. Keep it cool in Spring Lake!

20th Annual Michigander Bike Tour passing through several My Town communities

20th Annual Michigander Bike Tour passing through several My Town communities

ADA, MI - Approximately 400 bicyclists will be enjoying part of Ada Township’s non-motorized trail network this week, as part of the 20th annual Michigander Bicycle Tour, sponsored by the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance. After staying overnight at the County fairgrounds in Lowell on Tuesday, July 19, tour riders will be riding west on Bailey Drive into Ada Township on Wednesday morning, where riders will use the Township trails on McCabe Ave., Conservation St. and Honey Creek Ave., on their way to the City of Rockford and ending that day in Ravenna.

Reminder: Saint Mary’s Church White Elephant Sale and Festival this weekend

Saint Mary’s Church’s largest public fundraising event of the year―the annual White Elephant Sale and Festival―will be held July 8 and 9 at the church, 406 East Savidge Street in Spring Lake.  A raffle drawing for $11,500 will highlight the event.  The general public is encouraged and welcome to attend.

New this year will be a public fish boil, plus two children’s games called “The Berry-Go-Round” and “The Tumbler.” The Berry-Go-Round is a giant strawberry that twirls kids around and they control how fast the rides turn.  The Tumbler looks like a hamster wheel, whereby, kids are strapped in and go in circles plus upside down.

Also new will be the headline entertainment in the evening beer tent, featuring local performer Brian Fedewa.  He has performed professionally in Chicago and is a career musician.  In addition, Luke Perfect will perform as a disc jockey in the afternoon to provide musical entertainment.

We trade our Urban Wildlife for a rare sighting -- The elusive badger

We trade our Urban Wildlife for a rare sighting -- The elusive badger

Meet Bella, Bucky and Barry:

We leave the urban wildlife in Forest Hills and head to our cabin in Wisconsin.  In Michigan, you would call our cabin a cottage.  In Wisconsin, they are known as cabins.  Anyway I digress - our cabin is on 10 hilly acres of grassland in the bluff country of southern Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin is known as the dairy state, but the “state animal” is not a cow.  It’s the badger.  Yes, Wisconsinites have seen Bucky the Badger, the University of Wisconsin’s mascot.  But very few of them have ever seen a real badger.  Our property in Wisconsin was invaded by three badgers last year!!!!

The first sign of a badger invasion:

The first sign of the badger invasion was the yard, which was dug up.  Badgers prefer to live in open grasslands, fields and pastures.  My husband mows about four acres of our property and lets the rest of the grasses grow wild.

Artists transforming Grand Haven City Beach Saturday

The Grand Haven City Beach will become a canvas for artists Saturday, as the sand sculpture contest returns for its 30th year. 

Artists who register at 9 a.m. will have two hours to create their sculptures before judging at noon.  Registration costs $10 to $20.  The categories include families, teams, children, castles, adult and child.  In past years, artists have transformed sand into Asian Carp, gorillas, elephants, vehicles and soccer stadiums.  Visitors are invited to walk the beach and vote for their favorite piece.

The sand sculpture contest coincides with the Downtown Grand Haven Art Festival.  This is the 50th year for the event, which features original handmade artwork, auctions, craft making and other family activities.  The Downtown Grand Haven Art Festival runs from Saturday, June 25 through Sunday June 27. 

A break from urban wildlife for a day at the beach

A break from urban wildlife for a day at the beach

LAKE MICHIGAN -  Even a dog has to take a break from all the excitement of his backyard kingdom.  On this sunny summer day, George, my husband, and I head to the beach.  Our friends, Nancy and Don, own a cottage on Lake Michigan, and they have invited the three of us to spend the day at the beach.

This is George’s first visit to Lake Michigan.  The waves were a little intimidating at first.  He would sniff the water, but he would not allow himself to get wet.  He wouldn’t even dip his paw into the water to check it out.  Then something caught his eye.  George noticed the beautiful white birds walking along the water’s edge.  He tried to get close to these interesting critters, but they would simply fly off.

Silly me, I thought seagulls only lived by the ocean, and then I moved to Michigan and discovered the Big Lake is home to a thriving population of seagulls.  I have since learned that seagulls or gulls will live al