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Urban Wildlife - Meet Tommy and Henrietta

Urban Wildlife - Meet Tommy and Henrietta

George and his Backyard Critters – Meet “Tommy” and “Henrietta”:

“Tommy” and “Henrietta” are the wild turkeys who live in the neighborhood and visit our bird feeder once in a while. We don’t see the turkeys very often, maybe it’s because they can go 14 to 20 days without food.

Michigan turkeys disappeared in the late 1800’s. In the 1950’s, wildlife biologists reintroduced turkeys in southwestern Michigan and later in the northern part of the state.  Today, there are about 200,000 wild turkeys roaming around Michigan.

Two of those turkeys live in our Forest Hills neighborhood. They are the Eastern Wild Turkey variety.

Urban Wildlife in Forest Hills – George and his Backyard Critters - Meet Baldy

Urban Wildlife in Forest Hills – George and his Backyard Critters - Meet Baldy

Part 2 – Meet “Baldy”

I think one of the most beautiful birds is the male Northern Cardinal.  Red is my favorite color, which is one reason why I can’t take my eyes off of cardinals.  They also have those beautiful crests on top of their heads.  Cardinals don’t migrate and keep their color all year round because they don’t molt into a dull plumage like the Gold Finch.  This means the cardinals are still breathtaking in my snowy backyard all winter long.  Don’t get me wrong, the females are also very pretty, but the males are stunning.

The other thing about male cardinals is they all look alike.   The color of their feathers is the same.  They all have the black masks around the eyes.  They all have those distinctive crests.

Then one day my husband and I saw “Baldy”.  He was unlike any cardinal we had ever seen.   My husband first spotted him in early April.  There was something seriously wrong w

Urban Wildlife in Forest Hills – George’s Backyard Critters

Urban Wildlife in Forest Hills – George’s Backyard Critters

This is a story about urban and suburban wildlife.  It’s probably a story that is repeated across West Michigan from the lakeshore to Greater Grand Rapids.  You can imagine this story happening in Grandville, Hudsonville, and Walker on the west side to Ada, Cascade, and Lowell on the east side and Rockford and Sparta to the north and Kentwood and Wyoming to the south.  It’s a story about how backyard critters can entertain us, and at other times, causes us to cringe.  This particular story is based in the Forest Hills neighborhood in eastern Kent County. 

Part 1 – Meet the Cast of Characters:

My dog, George, loves to watch what’s going on in our backyard.  My husband and I have our TV set; George has his “Backyard TV Set”.  Sometimes the scene in the backyard is a drama, other times it’s a comedy.  George can spend hours watching the “characters” having breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Eating a

Cancer has Gone to the Dogs!

News Release:

Grand Haven, MI – Must Love Dogs Boutique & Spa is hosting a Bark for Life Open House by the American Cancer Society on February 19th from 10am – 2pm.  Bark for Life is an event that honors the care-giving qualities of our canine companions while raising funds for the lifesaving mission of the American Cancer Society.  The Open House is an opportunity to get information and learn how YOU can be involved.  The actual Bark for Life event is similar to the Relay for Life events but you are allowed to include your dog(s) in the walk during Bark for Life.

For more information, contact:

Tonya Christiansen

Must Love Dogs Boutique & Spa

211 Washington Ave.

Grand Haven, MI  49417




OR Victoria Andrews

American Cancer Soceity

Loutit District Library goes to the dogs as certified canine visits kids

GRAND HAVEN, Michigan -- What could be more fun than reading a good book? Reading a book with a big, cuddly dog!

Kids will have a chance to read with--and to-- a BFD (That stands for big, friendly dog!) when Lilly comes to Loutit District Library Saturday, September 25 from 2:00 p.m.to 3:00 p.m.

Lilly is a five-year-old New Foundland who lives with Char Nash of Grand Haven. Lilly has earned certifications as a therapy dog and as a crisis response dog.

This program is free and held in the library's Youth Program Room. For more information visit www.loutitlibrary.org or call 616-842-5560, ext. 216. 

Loutit District Library is located at 407 Columbus Avenue in Grand Haven, Michigan. The library serves 35,510 residents from the City of Grand Haven, the City of Ferrysburg, Grand Haven Charter Township, Robinson Township and that part of Port Sheldon Township in the Grand Haven Area Public Schools' area.