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Made in Michigan: Medallion Instrumentation | News

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Made in Michigan: Medallion Instrumentation

SPRING LAKE, Mich. (WZZM) - The Lakeshore business, Medallion Instrumentation Systems, is riding a record wave of success this year by producing electronics that every boat and vehicle in the world needs.

Medallion adds a customized touch to measurement systems like a speedometer and the fuel gauge.

"With one touch of the button the boat configures itself to your level of riding," says Nick Hoiles, President of Medallion.

The privately owned company has been on the Lakeshore since it opened in the 1960s.

"West Michigan is a great place to live. We believe we're a great company to work for and as a result we believe we're able to attract top notch people," says Hoiles.

One of the operators, Jackie Belmarez, has been with the company from the very beginning.

"They're really good to us. Why would I go any place else?" says Belmarez.

Hoiles says this was a record sales year for the $40 million company. About 40% of Medallion's business is producing electronics for recreational vehicles. The other 60% is electronics for commercial and military vehicles. All the parts are made on location.

While many gadgets are automated, engineers say the company has a uniquely human touch.

"We do not have a lot of automation. We depend on skilled worksmanship of our operators," says engineer Stephen Strobel.

Hoiles says the hard work is continuing to pay off with new jobs.

"We've hired about 15 people this year in all different departments," says Hoiles.

Hoiles says no matter where the product goes, its always clear where it came from.

"We're bringing not only Spring Lake, but also the name of Michigan business wherever we go. We're proud of it and we tout it," says Hoiles.

Medallion executives expect growth to continue next year and more hiring opportunities as well.