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Hot weather leads many to the beach | News

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Hot weather leads many to the beach

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WZZM) -- Lake Michigan is one reason temperatures do not often reach triple digits, as the lake's temperature moderates the heat experienced on the land surrounding it.

Now that inland temperatures are reaching the 100-degree mark, many people are crowding Lake Michigan beaches to get relief.

"Oh, definitely you have the breeze off the lake," says Shanna Durand.  "It's not a huge difference, but you can definately feel the difference."

Regular beach goers say it takes air temperatures to reach the nineties before the lake waters are warm enough to feel comfortable.

"The water is so warm you dont have to get used to it," says Debbie Sorenson.

One of the bigger difficulties at the beach is the sun-baked sand, which people say can be blisteringly hot to their feet.

"I had flip-flops on, but the sand was burning my feet even with flip flops on," says Durand.  "It was extremely hot."

We took a heat gun to the beach to measure the surface temperature of the sand.  Our highest reading was more than 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

"That's the only thing -- getting down to the water," says Dustin Slocum.  "You've got to run.  It just burns, but once you are in the water it's fine."