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NRA finishes shooting range investigation | News

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NRA finishes shooting range investigation

GRAND HAVEN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM) - Seven months ago, bullets from an Ottawa County shooting range hit a man as well as several homes.  Now, there are new developments regarding the future of that range. 

The National Rifle Association recently finished its investigation of what happened in late September 2011.  The bullets fired from the North Ottawa Rod and Gun Club hit homes in the nearby Cutter Park Subdivision.

The stray bullets hit a private contractor in Kathyrn Bell's driveway last September.  Bell is relieved the rifle range has been shut down at least temporarily.

"I felt safer knowing no bullets can travel here," says Bell.

The NRA finished an on-site investigation last month.

"They're only interested in safety. We're hoping they will be able to say what needs to be done to make this range safe" says Bill Cargo, Grand Haven township manager.

"As far as responsibility, the Grand Valley State University Officers did have use of the range," says Mark Welch, president of the North Ottawa Rod and Gun Club.

The gun club says there is a berm to block the bullets, but that it wasn't used correctly.

"You want to be as close to as tall of a barrier as you possibly can be," says Welch.  "They weren't, they were about as far away as they could be."

Welch says that allowed the bullets to go around and over the berm.

"That seems plausible for this incident," says Cargo.  "However, what caused concern in the neighborhood is that as they did an investigation, they found other bullets lodged in other homes."

The gun club also allowed the officers to supervise themselves and that policy could be changed in the wake of the NRA findings.

"I think we'd all like to feel safe and not have this ever happen again," says Bell.

The gun club says its rifle range will remain closed until that safety is ensured. 

The NRA has not set a date for when it will officially release its findings.  The study will be given directly to the gun club because it was paid for by the organization.