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Add Pizazz to Your Garden
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Spring Lake, MI--Want to learn how to add pizazz to your garden from early spring through late fall? Join horticulturist Paul Kiefer of Specialty Gardens at Spring Lake District Library on Tuesday, March 27 at 7:00 p.m. for some unique gardening ideas. During his colorful slide show, Kiefer will share how he uses unusual annuals and perennials to add continuous color to gardens and landscapes. Kiefer will talk about vegetable plants that are beautiful enough to be incorporated into perennial borders and introduce some cultivated varieties of “weeds” that rival the beauty of flowers. Kiefer will also discuss how English-style flower borders can be used as attractive accents.

Kiefer is a professional gardener with over seventeen years of experience. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in horticulture with a specialization in greenhouse management. The owner of Specialty Gardens, Kiefer designs, creates, and maintains gardens. He is the past president of the Association of Professional Gardeners and currently serves as vice-president of the West Michigan Professional Gardeners Group. Kiefer is also a board member of the West Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association.

For more information, call the library at (616) 846-5770, ext. 107. The library is located at 123 E. Exchange St. in Spring Lake.


Environment, Events, News