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Boy describes his reaction to new sisters' gender reveal | News

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Boy describes his reaction to new sisters' gender reveal

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WZZM) — Video of young Nolan Van Vels' devastating reaction to learning that he will be getting three new sisters has gone viral. The Van Vels now share their story about what it means to get triplets.

Sitting on a couch in their Grand Haven home, Matt and Missy Val Vels and 5-year-old Nolan re-watch the video they made this week. It shows Nolan learning that he will be getting three sisters, as Missy is pregnant with triplets.

Missy and Matt weren't too surprised by Nolan's reaction, but they wanted to capture the moment on video. "We thought it would be a good memory to have, and to have his little sisters watch it," said Missy. "My parents would tape me and my brother doing crazy stuff, and we laugh about it now."

Being able to relive moments like this, even if they are a little embarrassing, is something the family will be able to treasure.

Nolan says his reaction was because he really wanted a younger brother. "Because I didn't know what to play with a sister," Nolan explained.

Rewinding this story a couple of months, the parents were having a hard time getting pregnant, Matt said, "so we went and tried one small dose of a fertility drug."

The drug worked, as Missy became pregnant, but the ultrasound offered a big surprise. "Twins, we can deal with that," Matt said. "Then, came a third, and then came a fourth -- and I kind of slid down in my chair."

The family was expecting quadruplets, but weeks later they received some sad news.

"We did lose one, but the other three are really healthy," Matt said.

Missy is at this point around 17 weeks pregnant with the now triplets. She and Matt learned the babies' genders and thought it would be fun to surprise their son using three pink balloons and recording it.

After watching the video again, Nolan said he hopes the video gets on a show known for great clips: "America's Funniest Home Videos," he said.

Nolan also had some time to think about and has come around to the idea of triplets, saying he would like to show his new sisters "how to climb a tree."

The video will remain a treasured family memory, and they were happy they could share it to the world.