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Grand Haven man invents custom tree-lighting tech | News

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Grand Haven man invents custom tree-lighting tech

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WZZM) -- The name Brad Boyink might not yet ring a bell, but lakeshore residents likely remember a synchronized light show he created. The Holiday Road light show ran from 2006 to 2012. The display was retired in part because it attracted too many gawkers.

The shows' end, though, led to the invention of a product you may want on your tree this holiday season.

After retiring the light show, Boyink has been working on a product, using skills learned from programming the elaborate light show. "How do I take that experience of what people had outside and bring it into the family living room?" he asked himself.

So far, he's created a company called GeekMyTree and begun selling a product he calls Animated GlowBalls. Boyink says he's bringing tree lighting into the 21st century. "You can go from box to tree and plug it in, and have a show in ten minutes or less," he said.

Animated GlowBalls are only available at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth and Boyink's GeekMyTree website. The 80 GlowBalls in each set are strung vertically, from the top of the tree down the sides.

The lights blink in 100 different patterns, too. The accompanying, free smartphone app programs them.

The GlowBalls have full-spectrum LED lights inside, so every color of the rainbow is possible, Boyink said. "It's the same LED that is in concert video screens, the lights in Times Square."

And because the lights connect with a single heavy-gauge wire, Boyink says his light don't knot up. Now that's something all tree decorators can appreciate.

GeekMyTree will be on ABC's Shark Tank soon. Boying says right now he can't reveal if he got any of the sharks to bite on his pitch. ABC is only saying the episode with GeekMyTree will air sometime in the near future.

The lights sell for $399.