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Five heroes honored for saving teenage swimmers from rip current | News

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Five heroes honored for saving teenage swimmers from rip current

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) - Three weeks ago, two teenage girls nearly drowned when a rip current pulled them into Lake Michigan, but they were saved because of five individuals' selfless acts. On Wednesday, the City of Grand Haven and the Grand Haven Coast Guard honored the men who risked their lives.

Before a packed room in Grand Haven, a video played showing the water rescue as recorded by security cameras. The waves on Lake Michigan were rough, and five men can be seen pulling a teenager out of the water.

Doug Jedel was honored, but was unable to attend the ceremony. He was the second rescuer who went out to save the 14-year-old girl.

Trevor Reeths was at the beach when he could see rip currents were pulling the girls farther from shore. He ran for help. "I did not expect this; it was kind of a big surprise," Reeths said.

Bill Gramprie, a ranger at the state park, went into the water with a life jacket. "I had to do what I had to do," Gramprie said.

Darryl Vansledright was enjoying a day at the beach with his wife when he saw the girls needed help. He grabbed a life ring and went into the water. "'Did they (the girls) want to be out that far?'" Vansledright recalls asking himself. "'Was I infringing on them?' and I said, 'No they were in trouble.'"

Lastly, Zeb Boeskool was surfing that day and jumped in to rescue the girls. He said that he was tired and unsure if could get the girl back, but he didn't quit. He saved the girl's life that day. "I would just say just keep your eyes out, and try to help people out whenever you can if you see someone in need," Boeskool said. "Sometimes people need help."

Zeb's father was able to see his son receive the award, because a GoFundMe page was set up to fly him from Hawaii.

"The world gets to see the person that I always knew he was," Steve Hart, Zeb's father, said. "And now you all get to see it, and that is a pretty amazing thing."