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My Town: Grand Haven Area Public Schools pleased with school report card from state | News

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My Town: Grand Haven Area Public Schools pleased with school report card from state
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My Town: Grand Haven Area Public Schools pleased with school report card from state


GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (Grand Haven Area Public Schools)-- Grand Haven Area Public Schools administrators are pleased with the results of the new data released by the Michigan Department of Education, which details the new Michigan School Accountability Scorecards for districts and schools, the school Top to Bottom rankings, and the list of Reward, Focus and Priority Schools.

"We always welcome feedback as to how our students are performing," GHAPS Superintendent Keith Konarska says. "This information helps to guide best instructional practices and continuous improvement."

Michigan School Accountability Scorecards

The Michigan School Accountability Scorecards uses a color-coding system of green, lime, yellow, orange and red to indicate school performance, and combine traditional accountability metrics with Top-to-Bottom priority and focus school designations and other state/federal requirements.

"We are proud to announce that all of our elementary schools received a lime green rating, and our middle and high schools received a yellow rating," Instructional Services Director Mary Jane Evink says. "This is as high of a rating as any other school in the county."

Evink says Career Development and CyberSchool were given a red rating due to number of students tested.

"The district as a whole is ranked as a yellow, which reflects an improvement in the accountability scorecard from last year, overall," Evink adds.

In addition, Evink says that even with newer amendments from the state, GHAPS made their growth targets in every subject and grade level except three subjects at Central High School.

"Our administrators and teachers will be meeting to plan strategies to ensure growth of all students, particularly those in the bottom 30 percentile," Evink adds. "We continue to work earnestly to keep our students on track for college and career readiness."

School Designations

The state also identified Reward, Focus and Priority schools, which meet one of the following requirements: ranked in the top five percent on the Top-to-Bottom list; ranked in the top five percent of schools making the greatest gains in achievement; or making the "Beating the Odds" list.

"We are very proud of the students and staff of at Mary A. White, Peach Plains, Rosy Mound and Grand Haven High School, our four Reward schools," Evink says. "This is the first time we have had four schools identified in this category." 

Lake Hills was listed as a Focus School, which is a school that shows the largest achievement gaps between the top 30 percent of students and the bottom 30 percent of students.

Top-to-Bottom Rankings

The state also released their annual Top-to-Bottom rankings, which shows the following: Rosy Mound Elementary School - top two percent; Peach Plains Elementary School - top three percent; Mary A. White Elementary School - top six percent; Griffin Elementary School - top 12 percent; Grand Haven High School - top 15 percent; and all but two others in the top 20 percent in the state.

"We are pleased with our schools," Evink says. "We continue to put great effort and sincerity into closing the achievement gap while growing achievement at every level."

"Moving forward, we will continue to examine our curriculum to respond to the state's higher achievement expectations and meet the needs of all students," Evink adds.

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