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Urban Wildlife - Meet Doe-Boy

Urban Wildlife - Meet Doe-Boy

Meet “Doe-Boy” and his Friends:

George’s favorite characters in our backyard drama “Urban Wildlife in Forest Hills” are “Doe-Boy” and his deer friends.

Doe-Boy loves to steal food from the bird feeder.  That’s him, or is it her, up on his/her hind legs.  Like the Pillsbury Doughboy, he warms our hearts with his antics.  Doe-Boy and his seven white tailed friends come and go all year round.

Doe-Boy is the only one in his herd that takes the food directly from the bird feeder.  The rest of them are content licking up the seeds from the ground. 

White tailed deer have taken up permanent residence in the wooded areas of Forest Hills and other suburban and urban neighborhoods.  They have lost their inhibitions of humans, and they don’t have to worry about hunters.  There is plenty of food from bird feeders to yummy gardens.

When we first moved into our home, I planted all sorts of flowers and bushes.  The dee

City of Grand Haven Environment & Natural Resources Committee Organizes Beach Clean-up

City of Grand Haven Environment & Natural Resources Committee Organizes Beach Clean-up

From: http://www.grandhaven.org

The City's Environment and Natural Resources Committee has organized a beach clean-up at the Grand Haven City Beach for Thursday, May 26, at 6:00 p.m. Clean-up volunteers will meet at the city beach parking lot by the picnic table. Help keep beaches in Grand Haven beautiful! Anyone interested in volunteering is welcome.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Joe VanderStel at the Water Treatment Plant at (616) 847-3487.

Urban Wildlife in Forest Hills – George and his Backyard Critters - Meet Baldy

Urban Wildlife in Forest Hills – George and his Backyard Critters - Meet Baldy

Part 2 – Meet “Baldy”

I think one of the most beautiful birds is the male Northern Cardinal.  Red is my favorite color, which is one reason why I can’t take my eyes off of cardinals.  They also have those beautiful crests on top of their heads.  Cardinals don’t migrate and keep their color all year round because they don’t molt into a dull plumage like the Gold Finch.  This means the cardinals are still breathtaking in my snowy backyard all winter long.  Don’t get me wrong, the females are also very pretty, but the males are stunning.

The other thing about male cardinals is they all look alike.   The color of their feathers is the same.  They all have the black masks around the eyes.  They all have those distinctive crests.

Then one day my husband and I saw “Baldy”.  He was unlike any cardinal we had ever seen.   My husband first spotted him in early April.  There was something seriously wrong w

Bazooka Rally - Promoting Ecological Education

Bazooka Rally - Promoting Ecological Education

The Bazooka Rally is a family-friendly event to encourage sustainability and ecological education. This event will challenge participants to complete a multi-stage road rally using as little fuel as possible. Check-points along with way feature fun and educational challenges, with the overall aim of highlighting sustainability practices in West Michigan. The Bazooka Rally runs a course through Grand Haven, Holland, Grand Rapids and Muskegon.

Each Team may enter a vehicle of their choice in the Rally.  Entry fee is $200 per Team. The entry fee covers a full day of rally fun and challenges, gas, Bazooka Rally for Sustainability tee-shirts, & dog tags.

Minimum two persons per Team. Add more if you want the challenge of extra weight!

Check in is at 9:00 am on Saturday, May 14, at the Holiday Inn of Spring Lake.

Spring Lake Township Spring Cleanup

From: http://www.springlaketwp.org/

Spring Lake Township Dumpster Day - Saturday, May 14, 8am to noon.  Township and Village residents may bring up to a pick-up truck load of items for disposal.
Electronics Recycling - First CRC, 516 S. Ferry, Grand Haven
Friday, May 13, 1pm to 4pm
Saturday, May 14 9am to noon
They are collecting anything with a cord or that runs on a battery.
Burn Day - Saturday, May 21
A burn permit is required. No leaves may be burned.

Urban Wildlife in Forest Hills – George’s Backyard Critters

Urban Wildlife in Forest Hills – George’s Backyard Critters

This is a story about urban and suburban wildlife.  It’s probably a story that is repeated across West Michigan from the lakeshore to Greater Grand Rapids.  You can imagine this story happening in Grandville, Hudsonville, and Walker on the west side to Ada, Cascade, and Lowell on the east side and Rockford and Sparta to the north and Kentwood and Wyoming to the south.  It’s a story about how backyard critters can entertain us, and at other times, causes us to cringe.  This particular story is based in the Forest Hills neighborhood in eastern Kent County. 

Part 1 – Meet the Cast of Characters:

My dog, George, loves to watch what’s going on in our backyard.  My husband and I have our TV set; George has his “Backyard TV Set”.  Sometimes the scene in the backyard is a drama, other times it’s a comedy.  George can spend hours watching the “characters” having breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Eating a

Grand Haven's Top Ten

Grand Haven's Top Ten

If you are planning a "staycation" this year why not visit the shore of Grand Haven. I have below a list of 10 things to do and see in the beautiful Lake Michigan town of Grand Haven.

10. Nature Education Center - Hemlock Crossing

Opened in 2010, the Nature Education Center located at Hemlock Crossing provides guests and visitors with hands-on access to Ottawa County Park information.  The Center is the gateway to over 7 miles of trails, a nature gift shop, exhibits on natural and cultural history, wildlife den with "critters", and wildlife viewing area, attracting birds and mammals. 

9. Rosy Mound Natural Area