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The Snow Plow Roadeo | Community Spirit

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The Snow Plow Roadeo


The City of Kentwood hosted the 2011 Midwest Michigan Snow Plow Roadeo. This year there were 52 participants that made 26 teams of two.


A snow plow Roadeo is a test of driving skills through an obstacle course. Points and time are kept during the course and the team with the highest total is declared the winner.

The obstacle course is laid out with cones and barrels to challenge the driver’s ability to operate a plow truck through stations that simulate maneuvering around parked cars, inside and outside curves, diminishing clearance, offset intersections, serpentine areas, and backing into a loading dock.


Our Road Commission participants did very well at the competition. The team of John Gappa from the Grand Haven garage and Gerald VanHouten from the Coopersville garage finished second.

While the team of Rich Johnson from the Hudsonville garage and Paul Ortman from the North Holland garage finished seventh overall.

Commissioner Tim Grifhorst was our celebrity driver. In his words, "it was an experience I will never forget".