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Saint Mary’s to kick off “White Elephant” event and festival with thousands of items | Arts & Culture

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Saint Mary’s to kick off “White Elephant” event and festival with thousands of items

SPRING LAKE, Mich., July 1, 2011 – Lori Dinneweth, co-chair of this year’s “White Elephant” event that kicks off the annual Saint Mary’s Festival on Friday, July 8 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. announced today that thousands of items have already been donated by the general public and hundreds more are coming in each day.

“Literally, there are hundreds of books, alone, that have been donated, along with small appliances, Christmas ornaments, holiday decorations, children’s toys, clothing, men’s items, sporting goods, baskets, and an array of glassware and some of the items are brand, spanking new,” said Dinneweth, adding, “We even have a youth diving suit and pair of flippers available that look like they have never been worn.”

This year’s “White Elephant” event continues on Saturday, July 9, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. as the Festival gets into gear, as well.

Dinneweth and Mary Eplett are serving as co-chairwomen for this year’s White Elephant event.

“Everyone from the area is encouraged to attend this year’s White Elephant event, because there will be a wide array of men, women and children’s items.  Everyone will also find that our event is clean, well-organized and we encourage people to negotiate for whatever items they are looking to buy, especially in the downturned economy.”

Saint Mary’s School is the location for the White Elephant event and annual Festival.  The school is located at 421 East Exchange Street in Spring Lake.

“We break up the overall event by placing various items in the elementary and junior high schools.  We have a room where everything is fifty cents, and then we have another room that is all holiday items, plus another one with all of the kitchen items, and one for the glassware, plus another room chocked full of linens, towels, sheets and a room devoted entirely to children’s clothing,” said Dinneweth.

The room with all items priced at fifty cents includes donated vases, nicknacks, picture frames, baskets of all types, picnic items, tins, and jars.  Items in the holiday room start at ten cents and go up to $20.

“Someone even donated a glider to sit on for the backyard patio,” said Dinneweth, adding, “people will find that at this year’s event, the pickings are more substantial because of the sheer number of donations that have come in and the quality is excellent,” said Dinneweth.

Perhaps the economy and home downsizing is a factor.  A new, ceramic, double-sink is one of the highlighted items, along with a trash compactor, several cuisinart machines, microwave ovens, grill sets, dust busters, coffee makers, baking pans, crock pots, toasters, broilers, placemats, humidifiers, a turkey steamer, food de-hydrator,  and even a large aquarium awaits visitors at the event.

For persons who suddenly find themselves in need of setting up a home business, they will find donated furniture, tables, lamps, tv sets, VCR’s, computer monitors, and printers.

For people who like games, several on the shelves should be familiar, including:  Battleship, Backgammon, Risk, Movie Mania and Rummy.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to attend this event, which is open to the general public. No admission is charged to people to get into the White Elephant Sale.

The annual Saint Mary’s Festival goes on Saturday, July 9, from noon to 9 p.m.  It will feature four “new” things this year:  Brian Fedewa, an area entertainer will play guitar and sing favorite songs; a “fish boil,” featuring salmon, corn, potatoes and onions with melted butter is being provided by the Maggio family; for the kids a “Berry-Go-Round” will twirl them around and they will control how fast the ride turns for them; and “The Tumbler” will be there for the kids, featuring the look of a hamster wheel, with kids getting strapped in and going in circles and upside down.

Bingo will be available from noon to 5 p.m. in the air-conditioned gym, a beverage tent will run from noon to 9 p.m., hot shot basketball and kids games will be offered, along with the ham wheel, plus a chance to win $10,000 in a raffle.

Suzanne James is serving as chairwoman for the Saint Mary’s Festival.

All proceeds for this fundraising event benefit Saint Mary’s School to help keep tuition affordable.

Anyone interested in obtaining further information about the White Elephant event should contact Lori Dinneweth via email at:  loridinneweth@chartermi.net; and questions about the Festival should be directed to the Saint Mary’s School office at:  616/842-1282.

Saint Mary’s Parish School is fully-accredited by the Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools.  Over 180 students are enrolled at Saint Mary’s Parish School in first-through-eighth grade.

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church has served the community for 140 years.  Father Dan DePew serves as parish priest for the Saint Mary’s School and church.  Mike Devitt serves as principal of Saint Mary’s Parish School.