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Zondervan's New Cliff Graham Series Promises Fast-Paced Action For Readers | Arts & Culture

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Zondervan's New Cliff Graham Series Promises Fast-Paced Action For Readers
Zondervan's New Cliff Graham Series Promises Fast-Paced Action For Readers

SPRING LAKE, Mich., March 10, 2012 - Zondervan publishing company's release of author Cliff Graham's new Lion of War series promises fast-paced action for readers.  It is an excellent series to start during spring break.

Day of War, the first novel in the series, is Christian author Graham's first novel.  Readers of it will be drawn into the days leading up to the establishment of David's kingdom.  Central to the novel are David's "Mighty Men," who battle with the sword and the shield to help lay claim to prized lands throughout the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

As the book's "Note to the Reader" states:  "The story of David has been rehashed many times, but nothing of this length and scope has been done on his warriors, the original "Dirty Dozen" of the Scriptures.

One of David's "Mighty Men" featured throughout the novel is Benaiah, a rag-tag man looking to bury his troubled past.  He joins up with a group of soldiers loyal to the powerful warlord David.  Opposing him are the emerging forces of King Saul, a ruthless tyrant keyed into not only defeating David but the large and boastful Philistines.  As his men's loyalty is questioned by David, there are those in his army who only seek wealth and the fineries of the trading routes.  As all forces converge - over bloody battlefields to the high mountain regions of the Hebrew tribes - readers see first-hand the tremendous toll taken to bring David to the throne.  The book also reveals how Hebrew kinsmen are pitted against each other in the process.

The second book in the series, Covenant of War, opens in the year 993 BC.  At the beginning of the novel, one finds Psalm 120:7- "I am for peae, but when I speak, they are for war..."

Readers will pick up with this novel in the days of the ongoing civil war and meet, once again, the elite warriors of King David.  This disgruntled army of mercenaries and outcasts that are banded together as David's "Mighty Men" display numerous battle skills as they march against the Philistines.  Who will be the first to claim the Elah Valley?  Why is David waiting for agreement on how the new nation will be governed?  The fast-aced action of this book showcases the strength of central characters Benaiah, Keth, Gareb, Josheb, Shammah and Eleazar and their well-honed battle skills against Israel's arch enemy-the mobilized Philistine army.  The journey takes readers from peaceful valleys to barley fields...through forest thickets and the caves of Adullam... to the bustling streets of Hebron.  The legendary deeds of the "Mighty Men" are recorded in 2 Samuel 23 and 1 Chronicles 11.

The Lion of War series will soon become a major motion picture from director David L. Cunningham (The Path to 9/11) and producer Grant Curtis (the Spiderman films). 

Author Cliff Graham is an officer in the United States Army National Guard, currently serving in the Chaplain Corps.  Graham was born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota.  He graduated from Black Hills State University and did his graduate studies at Liberty Theological Seminary. 

Anyone interested in receiving further information about the books should contact www.zondervan.com or a local bookseller.

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