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My Town Grand Haven: Teachers pull undiscovered talent from GHHS students | Arts & Culture

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My Town Grand Haven: Teachers pull undiscovered talent from GHHS students
My Town Grand Haven: Teachers pull undiscovered talent from GHHS students

--------------------NEWS RELEASE-----------------

GRAND HAVEN, Mich.-- C2C Gallery, Julie Sanford Designs, and the Creative Fringe hosted the 3rd Annual GHHS Ceramic and Jewelry Show on Friday, May 2.

Many local families came in to see the students’ work.  More than 20 ceramic forms and five jewelry creations were selected for this exhibit.  The show will remain on display through the third week in May. 

Cyndi Casemier, owner of C2C Gallery, and Sheri Greene, GHHS Ceramics Instructor select the student artwork.  They spend several hours looking at the work, discussing it, and looking some more.  It is always a difficult selection.   

Sheri Greene begins the school year introducing pinched pots, composition, and some basic glaze ideas.  The organic forms that the students create are always the highlight of the exhibit.   From there, they move on to hollowed, coil and slab built forms.  Sheri assigns the students projects where they must consider something in nature, a famous artist that resonates with them, or an industrial item.  She pushes them to really think before they touch the clay.  They learn to draw sketches and discuss their ideas.  From there, some of the students move on to throwing on the potter's wheel.  Many hours of practice needs to take place before a pleasing-to-the-eye pot is formed.  

Each year, the students accomplish sophisticated work.  As a teacher, Sheri, has pulled unrealized talent out of each student.   Grand Haven Public schools are fortunate to have this talented teacher working with our students. 

In 2014, Jewelry was added to the competition.  Irene Sipes, Grand Haven High School jewelry instructor, teaches bead wrapping with wire, small loom beadwork, and metalwork.  The jewelry program is growing in the school.  We look forward to selecting from a larger body of work next year. 

New to the exhibit, is awarding two or three students for exceptional work.  This year, Alex Fagan, was chosen for his organic ocean-like sculptural piece, titled “Reef”.  Two jewelry students were selected for their exceptional work.  Julie Sanford Designs, www.juliesanforddesigns.com, selected Ellyse Vandyke’s copper embossed bracelet.  Julie loved the texture the student created and the achieved patina.  Stacy Broas, of the Creative Fringe, www.thecreativefringe.com, selected Claire Borcher’s earrings made of copper, wire, beads, and cord.  Stacy loved the organic, asymmetrical lengths of the pair, and the fact that they were well crafted.

In 2015, C2C Gallery will be hosting a separate student jewelry and ceramic show to highlight a wider range of student work.  C2C Gallery is a Retail art gallery with a working ceramic studio located in downtown Grand Haven, MIchigan.  They feature more than 35 acclaimed Michigan artisans in ceramics, photography, paintings, glass, hand fabricated silver jewelry, hand painted scarves, wood sculpture, and textiles. For more information see http://www.c2cgallery or call (616) 935-7337.