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A Typical Week at International Aid: | Business

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A Typical Week at International Aid:

Content provided by: Katherine Averill

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When people ask me what I like about working at International Aid, my common response is this: “I love working at a place where I can see God’s moving every single day.”

While some people might believe me, most people usually give a “That’s cute—did you steal that from a Hallmark card” type of look and then quietly excuse themselves from the conversation. But even though it might seem cheesy, it’s true. I have been astounded at how, during a typical week at International Aid, there seems to be something going on every day that God has His hands in.

Take, for example, this week.

Today, we’re shipping out pallets of supplies, including hygiene products, that will end up in Russia and other republics of former Soviet countries. Tomorrow, we’re sending a 20-foot sea container full of over-the-counter medications to North Korea. Within the next few days, we’ll have sent a truckload of assorted products, including food, to partners in Arizona that will give the products to poor families living on Native American reservations. By the end of the week, we’ll have shipped medical equipment to Ecuador, the Philippines, Tanzania, Cameroon and Zimbabwe.

We’re doing all of this in just four days.

Sure, some weeks are busier than others here at International Aid. And sure, some weeks seem more exciting. But one thing is consistent: every day, work is being done at International Aid so that, if it is His will, God will use our organization to bring relief to those who are suffering around the world. Our work is done for the glory of Jesus Christ, and is accomplished solely through God’s provision and His blessing on our organization.

And that, friends, is a typical week at International Aid.

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