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Ottawa County catches ballot error; costs $40,000 in reprints | News

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Ottawa County catches ballot error; costs $40,000 in reprints

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. (WZZM) -- A clerical error left two candidates off the Ottawa County absentee ballot and that error will cost the county nearly $40,000 to fix.

The county sent out close to 1,000 ballots that were missing the names of two candidates from the Natural Law Party. A second set of ballots were then sent out, telling voters a mistake was made.

County Election Coordinator Justin Roebuck says the error was caught quickly.

"We sent out the ballots on Friday the 17th," he said. "By Saturday the 18th, we had the file created for new ballots. By that Tuesday, they were mailing out the correct ballots."

Roebuck says voters may have been confused by receiving two ballots. He says that even if they didn't vote on the second, correct ballot, votes from the first will still count.

The County will have to pay reprinting fees totalling nearly $40,000 for the error.

"Unfortunately, sometmes democracy is an expensive process," he said. "Our main concern is that the ballot is 100% correct. That's our goal and we'll make sure we do everything to make that happen."