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Message from City of Grand Haven Mayor Roger Bergman | Community Spirit

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Message from City of Grand Haven Mayor Roger Bergman
Message from City of Grand Haven Mayor Roger Bergman

From: http://www.grandhaven.org

In the middle of 2010, Grand Haven received a doubledose of good news. A Gallup Survey of all metropolitan areas in the United States found that the Grand Haven/Holland area ranked second in the Well Being/Happiness index. Our perception of our general happiness is among the very best in the country! Later in the  summer, we got the next batch of Gallup results - in meeting basic needs and providing a safe environment, we are #1 in America!

As Mayor, it is my job to boast a little bit about our position in such polls. After the initial shine wears off, the real work starts. The only thing more difficult than reaching number one is staying number one.
How do we improve on our perceptions of well being and general safety? We need to increase the number of people who have these positive impressions of our area. We cannot feel good about our community until we feel good about ourselves, so promoting exercise is a very good way to elevate our collective self image.

The City of Grand Haven is among many local organizations that have come together to bring you "Walkable Grand Haven." Our partners include the Grand Haven Area Public Schools, the Chamber of Commerce, North Ottawa Community Health System, the YMCA, the MSDDA and the good people at WGHN and the Grand Haven Tribune. Walkable Grand Haven is a community-wide initiative designed to promote physical activity and health to all citizens. Grand Haven is a community abundant with bike paths, trails, sidewalks and opportunities for various types of outdoor recreation. In addition, there are numerous  fitness centers, including private clubs, schools and the local YMCA which have many  opportunities and programs for physical activity and exercise. By encouraging our citizens to lead a more active lifestyle, we are working to improve their health and overall quality of life. Our goal is to create a "movement"  within our community and to get as many individuals and groups involved in the program as we are able.

The program will be utilizing  a Web site which will allow participants to create an individual profile page to track the number of steps they accumulate daily through walking or by converting other modes of physical activity into steps. Individuals may set personal goals, participate in contests, interact with other users on the Walkable Grand  Haven site and even link their daily results to Facebook! To  provide additional motivation, there will be drawings and prizes offered as incentives throughout the program.

You can learn more by going to www.grandhaven.org/walkable. We intend to sign up everyone eventually. The one-time fee  of $5 helps cover our ongoing costs and gives you something you own and appreciate.

We are number one, and you can help us stay here. By being the most healthy and active people we can be, we make Grand Haven even better.

Roger A. Bergman, Mayor