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Chamber of Commerce Partners with Next I.T. to Develop Website | Business

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Chamber of Commerce Partners with Next I.T. to Develop Website

From: Grand Haven Chamber of Commerce

(GRAND HAVEN, MI) The Chamber of Commerce Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg is proud and excited to announce the completion of the Boomerang Website thanks to a partnership with Next I.T.
 Boomerang is a career exploration event, started three years ago by a Chamber of Commerce Leadership Connect Class, who knew the development and retention of young leaders is a vital component to our community’s continued growth.  Of the students surveyed in 2009, almost 70% stated they planned on moving out of Northwest Ottawa County for various reasons.  Boomerang aims to change this mentality, and encourage students to bring their talent back to the area after further education.  To do this, Boomerang creates the opportunity for 11th grade students from Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Central High Schools to interact and ask questions about careers, education, skills, and training with local professionals.  This year’s event will take place on Tuesday, October 26 at the Grand Haven High School Field House with over 30 different local businesses present.
“Boomerang is an important event for our students; they have the chance to explore careers they may not have known existed in their hometown,” stated Courtney Olson, Program & Events Support Coordinator at the Chamber of Commerce. “To further Boomerang’s goal, as a committee, we realized that this one day event needed to have a method for the students to connect with later down the road, when they are in the midst of decision-making for their futures.”
The decision was to develop a website for Boomerang to educate students coming to Boomerang, inform parents, communicate with companies, and be a tool and resource for students who have gone through the Boomerang program.  “We approached Next I.T. about Boomerang, its goals, and furthering those goals through the development of a website.  We had some great conversation and they agreed to sponsor and create this endeavor for Boomerang,” Olson added.
"Next I.T. is really excited to partner with the Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg Chamber of Commerce by developing the Boomerang site,” Michele Ringleberg, Creative Services Manager at Next I.T. confirmed.  “We are passionate about education and want to encourage students by helping them choose the right career path.  We have so many opportunities that are right in our community."  Next I.T., a West Michigan technology company, specializes in industry-specific technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, along with web development, internet marketing, and e-commerce platforms.
“We enjoyed partnering with Next I.T. to create the Boomerang website.  Their passion and skills for creating a website were evident.  They took what we could only envision in our minds for Boomerang and made it a reality,” Olson commented.  “We are very excited that they also chose to be present at Boomerang, to talk about the new website with students and also the various careers at Next I.T. and technology based organizations.  They not only saw the importance of a website, but they also understand the importance of educating our students and bringing back/keeping their talent in this community.”   
The Boomerang website can be found at www.ghboomerang.org.  For more information on Next I.T. please visit their website at www.next-it.net.